RAI Energy joins Interwest Energy Alliance

Renewable energy developer RAI Energy has joined the Interwest Energy Alliance, a member based advocacy organization seeking to grow morket opportunities for grid-scale renewable energy projects. 

Working to make the Intermountain West America’s leader in the deployment of a reliable, cost-effective, and diverse portfolio of renewable energy resources, the Interwest Energy Alliance is a dynamic organization poised to make renewable energy a key part in our nation’s energy future.  RAI Energy is proud to become a member. 

 About RAI Energy 

RAI Energy is a Silicon Valley-based national renewable energy development company with a proven track record of developing more than 750 MW of utility-scale and distributed generation solar and energy storage. Through continuous innovation and excellence, RAI takes pride in being a nimble provider of reliable, affordable, profitable zero and low-carbon solutions. By serving as a trusted navigator for all smart energy project stakeholders, RAI is enabling customers to become clean energy leaders while providing environmental and economic benefits for local communities—leading the U.S. into a sustainable energy future.

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