RAI Energy Drives Decarbonization Momentum, On Track to Develop 2-Gigawatt Portfolio

SAN JOSE and ANAHEIM, CA – September 19, 2022 – Renewable energy developer RAI Energy today announced at RE+2022 that it is on track to develop a 2-gigawatt (GW) project portfolio, driving decarbonization efforts across the energy sector. The company’s portfolio already includes more than 750 MW of utility-scale and distributed generation solar and energy storage, with a pipeline of projects that will top 2 GW by 2026.

Founded in 2016, the company is focused on developing utility-scale renewable energy projects from beginning to end, including the recently announced Vikings Energy Farm, a solar-plus-storage plant under development near Holtville, Imperial County, California. The project’s unique 1:1 configuration of 150 MW of solar coupled with 150 MW/600 MWh of battery energy storage will allow the utility to shift daytime solar production to late afternoon and evening hours, providing on-peak energy while benefiting the local community.

“Demand for capacity is growing fast and is projected to accelerate exponentially in the coming years,” explained Mohammed Alrai, CEO of RAI Energy. “With the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, we are ready to continue developing our more than 2-GW portfolio of solar, energy storage and green hydrogen, and are excited to be part of enabling our country’s transition to clean and renewable sources of energy.”

RAI Energy has built a network of technical, commercial, and investment partners that allow the company to bring projects from concept to execution quickly and cost-effectively. 

Among the other projects in RAI Energy’s portfolio are the Seville Solar Farm Complex, a 135-MW solar-plus-storage project in Imperial County, California; HERO Solar, a 70-MW solar farm in Hamilton County, Florida; and a range of additional projects in North America.

Focus on the Future

RAI Energy continually analyzes the rapidly changing dynamics of the clean energy market, bringing a future-focused orientation to each of its projects. This allows the company to develop solutions that move the energy sector to net zero, using the latest technologies and tools. 


“Our robust development methodology includes an emphasis on analyzing market dynamics up-front, followed by a stringent process to move projects quickly through the initial due diligence to project implementation, construction, and operation,” commented Alrai. “This allows us to develop solutions that truly drive decarbonization efforts, using all the technologies at our disposal: solar; energy storage; geothermal; green hydrogen; and hybrid combinations as needed.”

In addition to its current portfolio of projects, RAI Energy is also looking at industries that have been harder to decarbonize, such as the steel sector, and is developing approaches to building hydrogen-powered solutions that meet industrial needs while fulfilling decarbonization commitments. 

About RAI Energy 

RAI Energy is a Silicon Valley-based national renewable energy development company with a proven track record of developing more than 750 MW of utility-scale and distributed generation solar and energy storage. Through continuous innovation and excellence, RAI takes pride in being a nimble provider of reliable, affordable, profitable zero and low-carbon solutions. By serving as a trusted navigator for all smart energy project stakeholders, RAI is enabling customers to become clean energy leaders while providing environmental and economic benefits for local communities—leading the U.S. into a sustainable energy future.

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