RAI Energy International, Inc.
RAI Energy International, Inc.

In addition to its development activities, RAI Energy International (RAI) is an integrated services provider with strong local relationships across the globe, offering a comprehensive range of energy-related consulting support. We listen to your needs, consider your viewpoint, identify solutions and expedite results, focusing on the fundamentals until your facility is operating at its full design potential.

Energy Consultation, including Operations
    and Maintenance (O&M)

Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning
    and Construction (EPCC)
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Outage (Major Overhaul) Services
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Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is a principal priority at RAI. Perhaps your plant is due for a major maintenance overhaul, for which you lack the time, experience or manpower. RAI can step in with integrated project management and take it off your plate. Perhaps your business has significant power generation needs, which fall outside your core focus. RAI can manage the ongoing operation of your plant, freeing you to devote your best to your business.

Our highly effective programs emphasize safety and environmental compliance while handling maintenance, day-to-day operations, training and administration  – all tailored to your needs.

Our staffing services connect you with professional, industry-proven personnel equipped for the challenges of your field, who consistently demonstrate outstanding O&M performance—translating straight to your bottom line. Regardless of project size or the number of personnel needed, RAI delivers.

Creating the Design. Bringing the Equipment. Putting it Together. Getting it off the Ground.

From time to time, every plant needs a major maintenance overhaul. With our condition-based maintenance philosophy, RAI focuses on the right area of the plant, right away. More, we do it on time and on budget.


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