RAI Energy International, Inc.
RAI Energy International, Inc.

Based in the Silicon Valley, RAI Energy International, Inc. (“RAI”) is a global energy development company.
Our project expertise is in utility-scale and distributed generation.

Seville Solar Project - Imperial Valley, California - Project Size: 50 MW
Jordan Solar One - Mafraq, Jordan - Project Size: 24MW
Ward Al Joury - Ma’an, Jordan - Project Size: 12MW
Al-Zanbaq - Ma’an – Jordan - Project Size: 12MW
Zahrat Al Salam - Ma’an – Jordan - Project Size: 12MW

RAI is developing innovative solar projects in North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. RAI partners with leaders in the energy sector. Our ownership structure is flexible to best meet our clients’ energy and financing needs. We can either develop a turnkey project for a client, or we can retain an ownership interest, ensuring our long-term partnership in the project’s success.

Utility-Scale Solar: RAI recently completed permitting of a utility-scale solar project under development in the Southeast U.S., which it expects to bring online in 2019. Development is also under way for utility-scale solar and energy storage projects in California, and the Company has a robust pipeline of international opportunities.

  HERO Solar – Hamilton County, Florida: 69 MW

  Gas Co. Road Solar BESS –Kern County, California 2MW (4) PV and 2MW BESS

  Gladding 1 & 2 – Northern California: 5MW BESS and 5MW RNG

  Commercial 1 & 2 – Northern California: 5MW BESS and 5MW RNG

  Arboga 1 & 2 – Yuba County, California: 3MW BESS, and 3MW (2) RNG

Distributed Generation and Storage: RAI currently has nearly 13,000 kWdc of solar distributed generation projects under development in North America and is actively pursuing solar storage projects in the Western U.S.

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