RAI Energy International, Inc.
RAI Energy International, Inc.

A successful outage is a well-defined process, delivering measurable improvements. With seasoned planning, quality work, and skillful execution, the duration of your shut-down is kept to a minimum, and that time is put to best use. When RAI Energy International (RAI) handles your outage, you come away with better condition assessment, outage scenarios, business decisions, execution and plant performance—long-term rewards well worth the investment.



We develop the plan, sequence the work, assess critical path and coordinate activities and contractors.

We take responsibility for outage cost, quality, schedule and effectiveness with single-point accountability.

We specify the parts, tools, procedures and manpower needed. If available on site, we verify skill sets and integrate them with the process.

Our design and technical staff can provide engineering services during the planning stages and execution.

  Condition assessment
  ● Root cause analysis
Equipment design and performance review
  ● Life cycle analysis

We offer evaporative cooling inspections and change-outs for all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and plants across the USA, Middle East and North Africa.

  ● Identify problem areas in your system
  ● Develop a strategy to correct deficiencies
  ● Evaluate your current practices and identify
     areas of improvement
  ● Implement a proactive maintenance program
     going forward for your cooling operations
  ● Provide more power output for current units, if
     customer implements recommendations and
     corrects deficiencies



RAI collaborates with you to develop a team tailored to fulfill your needs, meet expectations, and add value to the process, bringing the right balance of skill, technology, knowledge and experience.

Outside perspectives initiate creativity and deliver results. By providing the expertise for specific tasks through strategic contracting, we also help you use your own employees and contractors to their fullest without the continuing cost of additional employees. And with a nimble and responsive corporate culture, we can deploy people and equipment faster and more effectively to increase your operations and strengthen your bottom line

In short, we join your team, helping you clarify the picture and discover new strategies.

RAI Energy International is a leading supplier of products and services for gas turbine filtration, instrumentation and cooling.


Pre-filters, final filters, cartridge
    filters, filter wraps
Wing / cowl / plenum
    and repairs
Expansion joints
Minor HRSG repairs

  ● Inlet ductwork repairs and upgrade
  ● Inlet ductwork liner replacement
  ● Silencer sections and panels
  ● Enclosure repair
  ● Access hatches used to dispose of old filters
  ● Inlet hood adjustments to improve efficiency
  ● Stainless steel supports for filters
  ● Replacement or repair of instruments and gauges
  ● Replacement of evaporative cooling media

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