RAI Energy International, Inc.
RAI Energy International, Inc.

San Diego Community Power and RAI Energy International, Inc. Announce Integrated 100 MW Solar Energy and 150 MW Storage Project

Proposed project to power equivalent of 50,000 homes in the San Diego region

San Diego Community Power (SDCP), the not-for-profit community choice energy program serving five cities in the San Diego region, entered into a power purchase agreement with an affiliate of RAI Energy International, Inc., the Silicon Valley-based global renewable energy development company. The project is located in Imperial County, California and is an integrated 100 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar energy project and up to 150 MW/600 MWh of battery energy storage that will provide San Diego Community Power with a 20-year supply of renewable energy, help meet peak summer demand, and support grid reliability. With this first project, called the Vikings Energy Farm, SDCP delivers on its promise of investing in regional renewable energy projects that support economic development and local jobs.

Pioneer Community Energy and RAI Energy International, Inc. Announce 7.1 MW System Resource Adequacy Purchase Agreement

Pioneer Community Energy, the Placer County, Calif. community choice aggregator, entered into a resource adequacy purchase agreement with an affiliate of RAI Energy International, Inc., the Silicon Valley-based global energy development company. Resource adequacy agreements help loadserving entities, like Pioneer, maintain generating capacity and meet electrical demand for California homes and businesses.

RAI Energy International, Inc. Selected by MEMR for 50 MW Project in Jordan

RAI Energy International, Inc. announced today that Jordan's Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (MEMR) selected RAI Energy to develop a 50-megawatt (MW) project in Jordan as part of MEMR's "Initial Ranking for the Qualified Bidders for Direct Proposals Submission for Solar PV Projects/Round III based on Base Proposals (50) MW." RAI Energy was listed as number two in MEMR's ranking. The selection was made as part of an extensive competitive bidding process. RAI Energy looks forward to MEMR's selection of its Alternate Proposals for 100 MW.

RAI Energy International, Inc. Announces Start of Operation of Largest Solar Power Plant in Northern Jordan

RAI Energy International, Inc. (“RAI”) announced that the 20-megawatt Jordan Solar One power plant entered commercial operation. Located north of Amman in Mafraq, Jordan, the photovoltaic project is thought to be the largest solar power plant in northern Jordan.

HERO Signs Historic Interconnect Agreement

"HERO" Solar (Hamilton Energy Resource Opportunities LLC) announced today it has completed the interconnection study process and has signed and entered into an interconnect agreement for a 69 MW solar farm in Hamilton County, Florida.

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