RAI Energy International, Inc.
RAI Energy International, Inc.

RAI Energy International (RAI) is a premier provider of
Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning services
for power plants. Briefly put, we develop power
generation projects from start to finish, from initial
design through commercial operation.

We handle all sizes of power generation facilities and
multiple fuel types, as well as a variety of financing,
ownership, regulatory and power sales scenarios.

An energy project is a complex, enormous undertaking. It involves site identification, feasibility studies, and acquisition. It requires permitting, construction and construction management. It requires start-up and commissioning, operation and maintenance. And it demands fuel supplies, water supply and wastewater discharge, equipment selection and acquisition—not to mention emissions assessments, transmission interconnections and power sales contracts.

With diverse experience and complementary expertise, RAI propels our clients over the hurdles they face in all aspects of their endeavors.

We bring a broad variety of business and engineering talent to any project. In fact, with our long-range focus and integrated service approach, we discover hidden opportunities as well as potential pitfalls, which might otherwise have been overlooked.

Extensive experience implementing gas turbine- fired and reciprocating engine power plants in both simple and combined cycles.

Direct experience providing turnkey thermal power plants and electrical distribution systems, including engineering, integration, equipment procurement and supply, installation, commissioning and grid interconnect at voltages ranging from 5kV to 230kV.

Supplier of custom 5kV and 15kV substation solutions for both generation and distribution applications.

Performed full-application power studies, including coordination, short circuit, load flow, transients and arc-flash analyses.


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